There seems to be a slight improvement every day when it comes to the pain and stiffness. So far the first week hasn’t been HORRIBLE but definitely not fun.

So far the pain is tolerable but the swelling is nearly unbearable! Every day the pain lessens but the swelling seems to refuse to go away. My diet and activity I’m sure have not helped in the slightest. I’ve read that it can take weeks to months for swelling to go down.

Nearly all of my pants do NOT fit because they are too tight. This is so depressing. Who expects to come out of lipo surgery and have to buy fat  pants? Another problem I’m running into is finding dark shirts to go over the black compression suit.

Speaking of compression garments… they’re the worst! It’s such a pain to get in and out of them, especially the socks which are essentially thigh high super-tight nylons.

The second problem is using the bathroom. They’re crotchless, but not “buttless” so if you use your imagination…

In order to remove the compression suit you must undo ALL of the little eyelet hooks down the middle. If you’re wearing a shirt this means you must first remove your shirt, or reach up under the shirt and undo the shoulder straps and shimmy the whole thing down, then finaggle them upwards underneath your shirt after. No short task. Going to the bathroom sucks.

My breasts seem roughly the same size. The swelling has gone down substantially and they seem to be softening ever so slightly.

The bruising, I’ll admit, is pretty impressive. I have dark red bruises the size of Texas on both of my thighs. My breasts are mostly a nice yellow hue with red splotches.

As for resuming daily activities? Hardly. The post-op paperwork said you can resume daily activities within 2-3 days after, but that’s not the case for me. Perhaps, because I had so many zones lipo’d. It’s painful to hug my boyfriend or daughter and sleeping in any position other than my back can still be pretty sore. Also, my cat constantly wants to jump on me in bed and lay on me. Poor thing.

Day 1

Post Op Day 1 After Stem Cell Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

The day after the surgery was definitely an improvement from the first afternoon immediately following the surgery. I was able to remove the gauze pads from the lipo sites and injection sites on my breasts since they were no longer leaking or oozing. The swelling was substantial and the pain was pretty tolerable, especially with the painkillers and lack of movement. I was able finally able to eat some lunch consisting of peanut butter toast. Later I was able to eat Taco Bell for dinner so I was definitely over the nausea.

That evening, according to the post-op instructions I was finally able to shower. We turned down the water pressure on the shower head and my boyfriend was nice enough to wash my hair since I could not raise my arms up. Helping me into the compression garments proved most difficult.

Just for fun I stepped on the scale. 141! My last weight before the surgery was 137. How unfair…

Days 2 -6

Day 6 After My Stem Cell Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation and Vaser LiposuctionI went back to work and spent most of the day in a daze of soreness and drugs.

The next day we left for a weekend trip. 7 hours in the car was not much fun, and I probably pushed it walking around all weekend. Another thing about the compression garments is that they are sooooooooooooo hot. It was 90-100 degrees each day and I felt disgusting!

Day 7

The swelling is better today than it has been in almost a week. I haven’t had to take any of the prescription painkillers today. As they said to expect, I’ve had some weird pinching or brief shoots of pain in various areas, mostly my breasts. The soreness mostly feels like a nasty bruise or like a day after an extreme workout. I can feel some swelling but it’s not nearly as bad as it was over the weekend. Tomorrow is the Week One appointment!

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  1. Nancy July 16, 2013 at 12:00 AM - Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this experience. You are so honest! I am considering this procedure so this is a really great insight.

    • Alice August 2, 2013 at 8:13 AM - Reply

      Thanks, Nancy! I’ll continue to post on this blog with any updates or changes. So far I’m over a year out and the girls still look amazing!

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