Since we don’t have cable, most nights we find ourselves either not watching TV, or watching Amazon Prime and Netflix. Sometimes, though, we find interesting programs to watch on PBS. The other night we found ourselves watching this show: “The Truth About Exercise with Michael Mosley”. I started watching towards the end part of the beginning of the show yet it was fascinating.

There were a couple of takeaways from the show which I have highlighted below.

How Much Exercise Does a Person Need In A Week

According to the show, scientists are learning that diet and exercise recommendations don’t work for everyone. (I know, who would’ve thought generic, one-size-fits-all recommendations don’t work for everyone) After searching a variety of sources that overweight or obese people should exercise 200-300 minutes a week. According to the US government: “Adults should do at least 2 hours and 30 minutes each week of aerobic physical activity at a moderate level OR 1 hour and 15 minutes each week of aerobic physical activity at a vigorous level. Being active 5 or more hours each week can provide even more health benefits. Spreading aerobic activity out over at least 3 days a week is best.”

The scientists on this show challenge this, saying you can see health benefits by A) Being more active, being on your feet more, walking more and B) Doing 1 minute of high-intensity cycling a day. This really reminded me of another type of exercise I had read about, called Sprint 8 which basically includes a 3 minute warm-up, then exercise as hard and fast as you can for 30 seconds, recover for 90 seconds, and then repeat 7 times.

By the end of the show, a few simple lifestyle changes DID affect the test subject (Michael Mosley himself). I won’t spoil it for you 😉

Bad Food is Bad

There is awesome scientific data based on blood tests etc. that show exactly what bad food and overeating physically does to your body! They also give great examples of how much energy a person would need to expend to USE the calories they gained from the food.


I would love to have some sort of tool or maybe my own personal scientist to see what’s going on inside my body. While I’ve been trying to adapt to healthier eating I know there’s a lot of things in my diet that probably need to go. I would imagine if people had access to tests like the ones performed on this show, they would be more motivated to help themselves.

Anyhow, if you feel stuck in your fitness/diet routine or just want to find something that’s fast and effective to help improve your life – I highly recommend watching this video!

You can watch the full video HERE or HERE


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