It feels like I haven’t had an update in awhile because honestly, there hasn’t been much to update on. I haven’t reached the three month mark after my surgery yet or had my three month check-up at Dr. Shu’s, but felt I should say something about my progress.

Some days I find myself frustrated and impatient for the final results. They are, no doubt, bigger than they were, as I’ve stated again and again. They seem to be plumping up a little more but it varies from day to day.  Some of the lumps have returned on the insides of the breasts which I’m hopeful is indicative of new growth! With the stem cell fat transfer you’re supposed to expect 80-90% fat retention. Since I had a whopping 480 cc injected in each breast I think I could expect another cup size in the end – a full DD.

I’ll definitely be doing a before and after at the 9 month mark.

I also question how much my weight loss will affect my breast size. I haven’t lost MUCH weight since the surgery – the scale’s been hovering between 131-133. My weight was at 127 at the time of my consultation and 137 at the time of surgery. My target weight is 125.

I’ve been eating a 1200 calorie diet which I’ve been tracking using MyFitnessPal. I’ve also been working out nearly every day and tracking my activity with my new FitBit!

The scars continue to fade and I’m hopeful they’ll disappear completely with the continued use of Bio Oil and massage. I’ve read that massage helps break down scar tissue (it was recommended by the doctor on the liposuction sites as well).

As for the liposuction sites, those continue to heal nicely. I still get itching in the outer thighs and sides, and some “ripping” sensations in areas such as the sides and stomach during stretching. I would say that all of the lumpiness in the stomach area seems to gone.

I also can’t help but think back to my interview (which I still haven’t watched) when they asked me if I would do it again and I vehemently said “no thanks, once is enough”. Nearly three months after and the memory of the pain is almost gone and it doesn’t seem like what I went through was so bad. I could definitely recommend the procedure to someone and honestly – I might consider doing it again if cost were no factor.

When you think about it, I have bigger breasts that aren’t fake. I have bigger breasts that look real and feel real, because they ARE real. That’s pretty awesome.

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  1. breast augmentation October 3, 2012 at 4:44 AM - Reply

    Very interesting post here. The post surgery experience is beautifully portrayed here. Thanks to this post. I would come back to read more of them.

  2. Melissa April 26, 2015 at 1:24 AM - Reply

    Hi! I am two weeks post op from fat transfer breast enlargement. I read your blog and was really interested to know if the enlargement cream and amino acid ended up being beneficial. I was going to start trying it. Would you recommend it?

    • Alice May 4, 2015 at 10:36 AM - Reply

      Hi Melissa! Honestly, it never did much for me, especially on a permanent basis. Sometimes using it made them feel fuller, but it was always temporary.

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