From one to two months there hasn’t been much change. My breasts are at their smallest they’ve been since I’ve had the surgery.

I’m still wearing a 32D, and it’s not too big. Sometimes I feel I need a little perspective so I put on an old swimsuit top or bra 😛 Then I realize they ARE still bigger, just not as big, which I was warned about in the consultation. And they will get bigger according to the doctor! Like he told me before, the growth curve reaches its peak in 6 to 9 months. The measurement around has gone down from 35″ to 34″, but that’s still above the 32″ I was at going in. Waiting is always the hardest part.

I’ve got an upcoming appointment with Dr. Shu at the three month mark and then another at the six month mark I believe.

The scars continue to fade and are becoming less and less noticeable. They are all still red, which gives me hope that I can make them disappear almost completely! The lipo incisions on my inner thighs are almost completely gone as well as the injection sites on my breasts near my armpits. Like I’ve mentioned previously I’ve been using Bio-Oil to try to help reduce the size and appearance of the scars.

Surprisingly to me, the lipo areas still get itchy and lumpy-looking. This is normal, but I was hoping it would be completely healed by now. Sometimes it still seems like they’re bruised. And I’m tired of the little lumpy pouch on my stomach. No matter how hard I work the abs this area just hasn’t settled yet from the lipo. My waistline seems to have suffered the most – it measured 26″ before, and now is at 27″. Some of that still seems like it’s puffiness from the lipo.

As for the weight? It’s coming off, through diet and exercise. My thighs are the only lipo’d area that look better than they did before I started gaining weight for the surgery – a fact that I am very thrilled about! I’ve always haaaaaaated my thighs so this is kind of a fresh start. I’ve even bought cute, short running shorts! My thighs are the only area that went down in measurement, from 22″ to 21″ so far.

Two Month Pictures

Here’s an “awesome” cellphone picture taken in my wonky IKEA mirror:

Two Months after stem cell fat transfer to breasts

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