Yesterday, I had my three month check-up with Dr. Shu. It was a quick appointment for pictures and for Dr. Shu to check out my progress. He was still thrilled with the results. He said the lumps on the breasts are completely normal and would continue to soften and go away in the next 3-6 months.

One thing I did forget to ask about was if it was safe to wear underwire bras now. It’s pretty difficult to find a nice looking one from Victoria’s Secret that isn’t underwire!

There hasn’t been much change in the last two months. They seem maybe a little fuller, and the measurement around has gone from 34″ back up to 35″. After one month the measurement was between 35-36″ so I’m hopeful that it’ll get back up to that point in the 6-9 months range. Again, I really feel I should end up being a full DD when this is all said and done based on the research and estimates and the amount of fat transferred.

I also found out my pictures went live on Dr. Shu’s website! This is at the one month checkup.

Before & After Stem Cell Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Before Stem Cell Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Before & After Stem Cell Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

One Month After Stem Cell Fat Transfer Breast Augementation

And here are some latest funky mirror pictures taken this month. You can see they’ve softened a lot since the one month photos above:

Three Months After Stem Cell Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Three Months After Stem Cell Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

I’ve still got about 5 lbs I’d like to lose in the next couple of months, my floating weight has been between 129-131 (instead of the 131-133 a couple weeks ago)

Also, I’ll work on getting a post together with a complete compilation of before & after pictures for comparison.

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  1. Lexi June 17, 2017 at 1:13 AM - Reply

    Hello! How do your breasts look Now? Are you still happy with them? Any additional information would be awesome as I am looking for am alternative to implants as well. Thanks!

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