I fell in love with the Shoshanna Trina Dress when I saw it on Atlantic-Pacific yesterday.

Shoshanna Trina Dress

But for $350 it’s very much out of reach for me. *sadface*

Then today one of my friends posted a link to this site eShakti, which is a site that allows you to customize the clothes you order! It was on this site that I stumbled on…
eShakti Stripe It Red Dress

This is eShakti’s Stripe It Red Dress. Pretty similar, huh? The color’s a little off and it’s a black band instead of navy, but still close. PLUS you can get it customized without sleeves and at a shorter length to be an even closer match. The price for this dress? $79.90 but wait – there’s more.

For a limited time, when you register with the site you can get $20 off your first order!

What do you think of this splurge vs steal?


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