As I mentioned in my last Sample of the Day post, I’ve been using the Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum for the last couple of days since there was more than enough in the sample tube.

The verdict? Meh. I haven’t noticed much of a difference. It’s supposed to be an anti-aging treatment, which according to Sephora’s product description:

“Restore your complexion’s ability to produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid for timeless skin. See results in just one day thanks to a revolutionary new ingredient: Bio-Corrective Complex. This youth-restoring powerhouse delivers visible improvement from the very first application, imparting radiance and smoothness to aging skin. Time-fighting benefits intensify with daily use.”

I applied after washing my face before bed and immediately after applying it my skin felt softer, but it didn’t seem to last. I didn’t notice any diminishing of fine lines or evening out of my skin tone after using for three nights. It’s fairly well reviewed so maybe it just doesn’t work with my skin type. My biggest turn-off about it though is the SMELL. If you have older parents or grandparents you may be familiar with those old glass Avon bottles with perfume in them. That’s what this smells like. Your grandma.

A full size bottle will run you $80 at Sephora if you’re curious about it.

What’s your favorite anti-aging product? Leave a comment or tweet to @iamprojectalice and let me know!


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