The sample I pulled was actually a face moisturizer by Shisheido, but since the tube is big enough to last a couple days I’ll continue using it and see how it works. So today I’ll be writing about a sample that I’ve been using regularly for the last month – Dr. Jart+ Premium BB with SPF 45.

This is the third BB cream I’ve tried and it’s by far my favorite! I used to regularly use the Clinique BB until I found this, and I tried the smashbox BB from a sample and wasn’t impressed.  The tone of the Dr. Jart+  is slightly richer than the Clinique BB and it doesn’t have the same sunscreen smell of the Clinique BB which I have an extreme disliking of.

I squeeze about a dime size or less directly onto my fingertips and apply it to my face like I would a moisturizer. It covers very evenly and blends like a dream. It does a great job of hiding imperfections and evening out my skin tone.

I have normal/oil skin that’s prone to acne and this doesn’t bother it or clog my pores. And it’s still there at the end of the day! I’ve found it very easy to layer as well, for added concealment – I sometimes add another layer or two of the cream on the areas under my eyes or any areas of redness or acne. It really is a fantastic all-in-one beauty product. I’ll top it off with some bareminerals powder to keep away any shininess or oil that can creep up during the day.

The price is comparable to the Clinique BB which costs about $37. The Dr.Jart+ BB’s run $34-$39 at Sephora and they are currently out of stock (saaaaad). It looks like you can still get some of them through Amazon, though.

I’m actually very interested to try the Detox Healing BB one, which has slightly better reviews  Until they’re back in stock I’ll be rationing what’s left of my sample tube!

If you’re in the market for a good BB cream I would recommend this for the quality/price!

Do you currently use any BB creams? What’s your favorite? Leave a comment and let me know!

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