Wow, hard to believe ANOTHER year is gone! For 2014 year, I feel like there is a lot of opportunity for growth: personally, financially and healthfully. 2013 was a pretty great year overall. I got engaged, I got married, I spent some good times with family and friends. I feel like in 2014 I’ll really challenge myself to do even better, to make more memories and take more pictures, and stop to enjoy the little things even more.

Here are my resolutions for 2014:

1. Read More, Watch Less TV

I’ve kind of regressed from reading before bed to just watching TV before bed. I’d like to start reading a book a month at the very least and finding a better reading/TV balance.

2. Continued Education

Part of my “reading more” goal is continued education in my chosen field of Advertising. I have so many books sitting on my shelf that I need to read or re-read. This will help me feel inspired in my work, and be better at what I do. Which should help me…

3. Work Less

I spent the week before my wedding working morning to bedtime in order to get work done for a client’s deadline. I’d like to not have to do that lol. Whether it means planning better, hiring some help, or simply saying no, I’d like to work less in order to…

4. Spend More Time With Family

I lost my grandmother last year and two of my grandpa’s a few years before that. I’d love to spend more time with my grandparents who I’m lucky enough to still have.

5. Less Material Possessions

I need to clean out the closets and list stuff on Craigslist and have another garage sale. I’d love to get rid of the clutter, make some money, and start spending a lot less than I have in order to…

6. Travel More

Instead of wasting money on another stripey shirt, I’d love to be squirreling away that money to travel more. I’d love to visit Vegas again, take our East Coast road trip, visit friends in Florida, visit my brother and sister-in-law and my new nephew out in California, visit my best friend in Denver. Which ties in with my next goal…

7. Spend More Time With Friends

I’m not always a great friend, I forget to return phone calls and instead of going out I opt for my pajamas and the comfort of home. No more! Social butterfly Alice is ready to spring from her cocoon!

8. Exercise More

Which means I better get in better shape I guess. I’ve been doing well holding my floating weight between 123 and 128lbs. I go through phases where I exercise, then I don’t, and I need to be better at making it part of my routine. I think this will be a lot easier when I…

9. Stop Working for the Man

And focus all of my work energy on the business my husband and I run. Working from home will allow me the work/life balance I want and the freedom to travel!

10. Save Money, Pay Debt

This already ties in with my other goals, but I’d like to build out a savings that I’ll truly need in order to safely run my business. By spending less I can focus on paying down debt such as student loans and store CC debt that seems to have accumulated (and is responsible for my bulging closet).

Overall, all of my goals boil down to a few basics and tie in nicely with each other. I wish you all a very happy, wonderful, fantastical and safe New Year’s!!

What are some of your resolutions? What made your 2013 great or not-so-great? Leave a comment!

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