I’d always joked that if only I could take the fat from my butt and put it in my boobs I would be happy…now it would seem that the miracle of modern science has actually made this a possibility.

I was never horribly small up top, but never well-endowed. Post-pregnancy left the girls limp and lifeless. On a good day I’m a 32C but even that’s mostly the work of my good friend Victoria Secret. I’d always toyed with the idea in my mind of getting implants, but the possible complications and the unnatural look and especially unnatural feel of them completely turned me off to it.

My boyfriend showed me an article in Wired magazine a few years back about a procedure, stem cell fat transfer breast augmentation. Basically, fat is liposuctioned from your body. A portion of the fat is taken and put into a machine where stem cells are extracted. The stem cells are then mixed back with the remaining fat and injected into your breasts. The results are usually one to two cup sizes in growth. Studies seem to indicate that this growth is permanent, but since it is a fairly new procedure only time will tell. Still, Pretty impressive.

The difference between regular fat transfer breast augmentation and the addition of stem cells is growth. The use of adipose-derived stem cells in the fat transfer helps the fat regrow and stay alive in the breast – which will likely give better results.

It’s also supposed to be minimally invasive with only a couple days downtime. TOTAL win-win imo. I’ll be able to get rid of the jiggle in my butt and thighs and add a little more jiggle to my chest!

About a month ago, boyfriend sent me a link to a cosmetic surgeon in the Cities who performs this procedure. He’s the only doctor within a couple (or more) hundred mile radius around here that does it. So I did what any internet-dependent person does – I took to Google and performed days and days and days of research. I looked up medical journals, visited various doctor websites, looked at countless before & after pictures (I swear I’ve seen more breasts online lately than most men), and most importantly looked for reviews, testimonials, stories. Have other women had great experiences? Awful experiences? They are very scarce – which is one of the reasons I’m writing this blog – to document my own experience if I choose to do this.

Taking The First Step

I met with Dr. Shu for a complimentary consultation on the procedure. We came armed with questions. He was incredibly nice and you could tell he has a passion for not only what he does, but the technology involved. We asked to see the equipment and they showed us the various rooms, the lipo machines, and the stem cell machine. He said he’s done this specific procedure on about fifty patients.

And then it came to an impromptu physical exam. He started squeezing and pinching, and told me I would need to gain 5-10 lbs. Sigh. I’ve been on a mission the last month and a half to lose weight, and I’m down 2″ and 9lbs. I thought I still had enough jiggle in my butt and thighs since I was 5lbs away from my target weight, but I guess I was wrong. The doctor said that it would of course be temporary since it would all come off in the liposuction procedure.

It’s kind of depressing having come this far towards my healthy weight goal, but on the bright side at least I’ve picked up some healthy habits that I feel I can keep up if I were to do a month of weight gain for the procedure.

The earliest they can schedule the procedure is in a month so I’ll have some time to think about it.

What do you think? Would this be a procedure that you’d be interested in?

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