I have decided to give the stem cell enriched fat transfer breast augmentation procedure a try. We were actually able to work it out with the clinic to do an interview with a local news station about the procedure. They were very interested to host a story on “natural” breast enhancement. I have a pre-op appointment before that for measurements, prescriptions and a rundown of events to come.

I was told I would need to gain a couple pounds (5-10) so I’ve been pushing my diet aside and eating what I want (fun to a point, it’s hard to see the scale creep back up again, though!).

My thought process behind the decision was honestly, what have I got to lose? From my research the risks are VERY minimal, unlike with implants. The recovery time is also pretty reasonable from what I’ve read due to the type of lipo used (Vaser) and the fact that size is achieved through injection, not through surgical implants.

I’ve never liked the size or shape of the “girls”, and this is an opportunity to do something about it without being “fake” or risking a lot.

If it makes me feel better about myself, then why not? Right? And if it doesn’t work I’m only out some money.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Sharon March 27, 2017 at 11:56 AM - Reply

    Hello Alice, I’m from LA and found your review on RealSelf. Your breast size retention seems amazing! Your body is what I hope to achieve. Questions: is Vaser better? What should one be aware of post-surgery to retain the fats better? What did you mean by the arrangement with the news station? Thanks!

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