It’s Friday and I have no ambition so I’m just going to write until I find it again. I had some clever ideas for this post but I think they escape every time I yawn because I don’t remember any of them. (don’t you HATE when that happens?).

I had a run-in with internet celebrity the Bloggess when I emailed her this:

Photo borrowed lovingly from Boing Boing

From what I read, that squirrel was alive at the time of the picture-taking but it’s only a matter of time before it had to be taxidermied, which is why I forwarded it to the Bloggess. (You’d have to read her blog to truly understand). Even if this particular squirrel wasn’t taxidermied, I think Jenny definitely needs one for her collection.

She replied “Awesome! Thanks!” in all properly capitalized and punctionalized fashion. Or it could have been her blogging assistant. Or her Jenny decoy (think Amidala from the crappy Star Wars to properly envision this).

At time of writing my blog STILL doesn’t have a logo because I’m in advertising and I’m over-thinking it because there’s a lot of pressure to brand yourself!

I think that’s all I have.



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