I have officially passed the four month mark after surgery. I feel like I am finally seeing a positive change again as well!

My breasts are looking and feeling fuller, to me anyay. I’m down to the weight I was before the surgery, 127 lbs.,  and they are still the same size they were 5 lbs ago.  I especially notice the fullness wearing bras that I’ve had for the last couple of months – and even had to upgrade the size of one padded bra from a 32D to a 32DD for a better fit. For non-padded bras the 32D still works well.

Like I’ve said before, according to Dr. Shu, they’ll reach their peak between 6 -9 months. The six month mark is my next checkup. They also still feel quite lumpy, which is also supposed to go away in the 6-9 month stretch, but not lumpy enough that it’s noticeable without specifically feeling for them.

I’ve noticed some sharp pains periodically in my breasts similar to what I experienced in the first month after surgery. I’m not sure what this means, but I’m hoping it means new growth!

The lipo scars are still quite red, but they have grown shrunk quite a bit and are less noticeable. The lipo sites I’d say are 90% healed. The stomach area is still kind of lumpy and I notice some “stretching” sensations in the love-handle areas. The only part of my body that looks any different to me after the lipo is my thighs. My waist, stomach all look the same as they did before. I suppose most of what was lipo’d there was from my weight gaining efforts.

Four Month Picture

Picture Four Months After Stem Cell Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

And here’s a fun comparison of my progress over the last couple months.
Progress Post Stem Cell Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation
Left to Right: Four Months, Three Months and Two Months

Pretty neat, huh? I think what I find most impressive is how you can see how the breast size hasn’t actually decreased that much. I’m still VERY pleased with the results. Thinking back, at this weight before the surgery I was probably closer to a B cup than a C, so maintaining a D-DD is even more impressive.

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  1. Miss lee December 20, 2012 at 10:29 AM - Reply

    Can I know how is your progress now? Still growing up ur size. When u start wearing underwire bra? Frankly speak …I am really fear of soreness. It take how long that u hv no that feeling.

    • Alice December 20, 2012 at 10:53 AM - Reply

      Hi again, Miss Lee! I just posted the six month update (http://www.projectalice.com/six-months-after-surgery/). I started wearing an underwire bra after this post, once the majority of the lumps went away.The size has gone back up to the original size after the swelling went down in them. I’ll admit, they were really sore the first month and tender from months two to four. There’s not any pain now touching them or wearing bras.

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