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Thank you for all of your emails and questions! I’ve posted some of the more common questions I’ve received here. If you don’t see the answer to your question here please don’t hesitate to contact me!

How tall are you and what did you weigh before the surgery? 

I’m 5’4″ and weighed approximately 127 lbs at my consultation. I gained nearly 10 lbs for the surgery.

How old were you when you had the procedure done?

I was 27 at the time of the procedure.

What’s the difference between stem cell fat transfer and just fat transfer? 

From my research, the stem cell fat transfer uses stem cells extracted from your fat to ensure a higher survival rate of the fat injections. This means you will get a bigger breast size.  Not only do you get a higher survival rate of the fat injections but you can inject more fat as well.

Did you use the Brava system? 

This was not part of the procedure through Dr. Shu.

Where did you have the procedure done? 

Shu Cosmetic Surgery

What did the procedure cost? 

I was quoted $12,000, but the price will vary depending on how many liposuction zones are needed.

Were there any irregularities from the liposuction? 

No, the liposuction zones look exactly like they did before.

What type of liposuction did they use? 

Dr. Shu used a form of liposuction called Vaser liposuction.

Can you have stem cell fat transfer done multiple times? 

It is possible to have the procedure done multiple times for better results. You should consult a doctor on how and when. I myself have only had the procedure done once.

Are you happy with the results from your stem cell fat transfer? 

I’m incredibly pleased with the results! Though it was a painful experience, months later you forget about the pain and see yourself with bigger, natural breasts.

How long did it take for the swelling to go down after the liposuction and fat transfer breast augmentation?

It took a good two months for all of the swelling to go away. Even after that there was still itching and a pulling sensation from the lipo sites.

Have you found your body is different about retaining fat? Is it harder to keep weight off or out of certain spots?

My body seems to be the same. Since I gained weight from the surgery, the only change I noticed from the lipo was in my thighs, everything else looks as it did before.

Did the doctor do it under local anesthesia or general anesthesia?

It was all done under local anesthesia.

Was the compression on the breasts okay? Some people say this will kill the fat

I think it ended up being all right for me, and it was what Dr. Shu had me wear after the procedure. The garment didn’t feel too tight against my chest and was mostly just tight throughout the body and thigh.

What was your verdict on using the Emerita Pro-Gest and L-Arginine?

I decided it didn’t really do much for me. I’ve read elsewhere that introduction of hormones to the body (like with birth control or this hormone cream) can increase the size of your breasts but I didn’t have that experience.