One of the hottest trends in nail is a metallic French manicure. While I’m not much for splurging on stuff I can do at home I took a trip to the Sally Beauty today to try to this myself!

What You’ll Need

1. Clean Up Nails

After removing old polish if necessary, trim your nails, push and clip the cuticles and use your file to smooth out each fingernail.

2. Apply Clear Base Coat

I like to do two even coats just to make sure the whole nail is covered

3. Apply Nail Polish Base Color

Since it’s fall I’m using OPI Magala Wine! Do 2-3 coats and allow to dry COMPLETELY (yes, this may take hours, days, years…)

Base Coat in OPI Magala Wine

4. Apply ORLY French Tip Guides

Try to apply these as uniformly as possible. Get out of the measuring tape if you need to. They apply pretty easily and are very forgiving if you need to reapply them (on completely dry nails that is).  You should run a fingernail along the top edge to make sure it’s completely against the nail – this will give you a clean line.

Nails with ORLY French Manicure Guides

5. Apply Metallic Tip Color

Apply two coats of the metallic tip color – making sure not to get it on too thick. Wait for it to dry COMPLETELY (again, hours, years..yada yada)

6. Carefully Remove ORLY French Tip Guides

Very, very carefully remove the guides when the metallic color is completely dry. I found that one slow, smooth motion did the trick and I ran into very few areas where it messed up the line by pulling up the paint.

7. Apply Top Coat

Do your two clear top coats. Let dry.

8. Take Pictures

To show your friends how awesome you are!

Nails with Metallic Tips
Overall, this was a pretty long process but I was pleased with the results! I think this is something that would be easier with a fast-drying nail polish or by utilizing some “make my nails dry faster” tricks. Doing one hand completely then the other might also increase your odds for successful metallic tips.

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