I Don’t Shave for Sherlock Holmes

For those who watch the show, you'll know what I mean. I about died laughing at this scene, and now I've picked up this cheeky t-shirt!! Too bad it's only available on the UK BBC Shop website - maybe they think Americans will be offended by it or something. This will set you back £14.99 ($22.67 [...]

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Star Wars Angry Bird Game Now Available!

If you're like me and you love Star Wars and you love Angry Birds, today is your day, my friend. Angry Birds Star Wars is available today for Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Mac, PC, Windows Phone and Windows 8! The game has over 80 levels using well-known Star Wars location like Tatooine, and features new [...]

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Fitbit Line Grows To Include Two New Additions – Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip

Today Fitbit announced two additions to its product line-up: the Fitbit Zip ($60) and the Fitbit One ($100). Both will include a much-needed Bluetooth 4.0 upgrade for wireless syncing with mobile devices (looks to be iOS only to start with Android support coming later). I've been using the Fitbit Ultra and have often wondered why they hadn't [...]

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OMG Aaron Paul With Breaking Bad Donuts!

First Breaking Bad ice cream, now for really reals there are Breaking Bad Donuts? Apparently Rebel Donut (from Albuquerque, New Mexico [of course]) created "Breaking Bad Blue Sky" donuts and Aaron Paul was photographed with a box of them. I wonder if they used pop rocks like the Breaking Bad Ice Cream? via LaughingSquid via [...]

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ThinkGeek Death Star Tea Infuser

There's nothing like a hot cup of tea after a long day of chasing the Rebellion, doing the Emperor's bidding and managing an Imperial-Class Star Destroyer. This Death Star replica tea infuser (complete with a TIE fighter) is the ideal tool for the job. I love the idea of integrating geeky, pop culturey things into [...]

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OMG Breaking Bad Ice Cream!

Look at this new ice cream concept* from Jon Defreest for Ben & Jerry's pop-flavoring line.  Breaking Bad fans will recognize Walter White and his new ice cream flavor the Heisen-Brrrr-g Crunch. According to "pop culture artist extraordinaire, Jon Defreest "This is officially the last Ben & Jerry’s flavor you’ll see from me. I would [...]

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It’s Friday And That’s All Right

It's Friday and I have no ambition so I'm just going to write until I find it again. I had some clever ideas for this post but I think they escape every time I yawn because I don't remember any of them. (don't you HATE when that happens?). I had a run-in with internet celebrity [...]

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