Video Recommendation of the Day: The Truth About Exercise with Michael Mosley

Since we don't have cable, most nights we find ourselves either not watching TV, or watching Amazon Prime and Netflix. Sometimes, though, we find interesting programs to watch on PBS. The other night we found ourselves watching this show: "The Truth About Exercise with Michael Mosley". I started watching towards the end part of the [...]

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Fitbit Line Grows To Include Two New Additions – Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip

Today Fitbit announced two additions to its product line-up: the Fitbit Zip ($60) and the Fitbit One ($100). Both will include a much-needed Bluetooth 4.0 upgrade for wireless syncing with mobile devices (looks to be iOS only to start with Android support coming later). I've been using the Fitbit Ultra and have often wondered why they hadn't [...]

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Your Scale, The Frenemy

I've been dieting for almost this whole year, minus the month+ that I was gaining weight for my stem cell fat transfer breast augmentation surgery. Amazingly, I've been sticking to it (another post on how will follow). I've been religiously using the MyFitnessPal app which has me tracking my goal, and eating a meager 1200 [...]

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