Week Four & Week Five After Surgery (Before The One Month Checkup)

I had some blog posts queued up regarding the official Week Four and Week Five journal entries but failed to get them posted before vacation. In my haste to get SOME kind of an update, I did a general, One Month and Beyond post. Here is an after the fact update. So here are Week [...]

Week Three After Surgery and Hormone Cream For Extra Enhancement

It's amazing how much my body continues to change! My thighs are looking pretty fabulous when they're not swollen. I've been wearing the compression suit 12 hours or more. Honestly, my biggest regret is letting them lipo my stomach and "love handle" area. These areas remain very stiff, lumpy and tender. I've tried doing some [...]

My Cosmetic Surgery Journey Begins

I have decided to give the stem cell enriched fat transfer breast augmentation procedure a try. We were actually able to work it out with the clinic to do an interview with a local news station about the procedure. They were very interested to host a story on "natural" breast enhancement. I have a pre-op [...]

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If You Could Enhance Your Breast Size Naturally, Would You?

I'd always joked that if only I could take the fat from my butt and put it in my boobs I would be happy...now it would seem that the miracle of modern science has actually made this a possibility. I was never horribly small up top, but never well-endowed. Post-pregnancy left the girls limp and [...]