I found this image with a recipe for a detox drink on Pinterest. I’d been meaning to try it for awhile, but after spending a week staying with the boyfriends parents who insist on southern cooking (aka large portions) I especially felt the need to beat the bloat! I tipped the scales at nearly 10 lbs from my starting weight upon returning and am fairly certain that a good portion of it is water weight gain from high sodium intake (steak, bacon, sausage, hamburger…)

I Googled this recipe to verify it’s source and learned that it did indeed come from Jillian Michaels in an article from OK! Magazine about how to quickly lose a dress size for an upcoming event. Well, considering I have a wedding to go to THIS weekend I better get on it!

Reading some reviews, some people complained about the taste of dandelion tea but with my concoction (recipe below) I found it to be quite tasty!

Jillian Michaels How To Quickly Go Down A Dress Size Before An Event

1. Take three to five days to prepare.

2. Drink a gallon of water a day with two tea bags of dandelion tea, all-natural cranberry juice and the juice of one lemon.

3. Eat asparagus and a little watermelon. The potassium helps flush water out.

4. No salt. Sodium-rich foods include cold cuts, most meat, anything processed.

5. Avoid tanning because the sun will dehydrate you. If you want color, go for a spray tan.

6. Work out.

7. Spend three 20-minute sessions in a sauna and sweat it out of your cells.

8. Avoid carbs.

9. Go to a spa and get a body wrap.

Well the sauna and spa are out of the question for me since I don’t have a gym membership anymore and don’t want to spend any money. I don’t tan so I’ve got that down, and I will definitely be avoiding sodium.

The recipe in the image doesn’t exactly follow what Jillian recommended since hers calls for a gallon of water (128 oz), two tea bags of dandelion tea, and juice from a lemon. I ended up having to modify it anyway since I only had a 24 oz container.

Project Alice Jillian Michaels Detox Recipe

24 oz hot water
1 Dandelion (root) tea
1 tbsp (organic) cranberry juice
2 tbsp lemon juice (all natural)
Insulated mug/bottle

Make a cup of tea and follow instructions for steeping dandelion tea. In your insulated mug or bottle, add 1 tbsp organic cranberry juice and 2 tbsp of lemon juice. Pour the dandelion root tea in the mug when it’s ready, including the tea bag. Add more hot water to fill the mug/bottle. Remove the tea bag and squeeze any liquid out of it.

(Alternately, you can fill your mug and drop your dandelion tea bag into it. I left the bag in all day and it didn’t seem to alter the flavor.)

Here is a list of the brands I used and where I bought them:

  • Traditional Medicinals Organic Dandelion Herbal Tea – I bought at Target, but they’re also available on Amazon
  • RW Knudsen Just Cranberry Organic Cranberry Juice – Target for $9, online for comparable price
  • Market Pantry Natural Strength 100% Lemon Juice – Target brand was a really get deal at 32 oz for under $2 here.

The Results of Detox Drinks

I did this, paired with a limited calorie intake (800-1200) a day, as well as more liquids (2-3 cups of tea a day and glasses of water) and lost nearly all of the weight I had gained from vacation in slightly less than a week!

I’ve been continuing it to little result, but simply because I love the added hydration to my day and actually the taste!

So if you’re in a rush to lose some bloat I would definitely recommend trying this.


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