I’ve been horribly neglectful of the blog lately, and for that I apologize. Work has been pretty crazy the last couple of months!

So here I sit, past 9 months from my stem cell fat transfer breast augmentation. The results? No news is good news, right?

My bust measurement is still a solid 35-36″ up from the 32″ I was before the surgery. The lumps are nearly gone. There are still some in the deep tissue where the majority of the injections were. You can feel when you massage the breasts (like you would during a self-breast exam) but they are not visible. They have shrunk considerably and I still expect them to go away. I’ll admit I am somewhat worried if they don’t – not for health reasons, but mostly for when I go in for my annual exam.  While the breasts have softened they have reverted back to their natural shape, as Dr. Shu had said to expect. They look the way they did before the surgery, only bigger!

And the best news is that I’m now 2 lbs lighter than I was before the surgery. I tipped the scale at 125 though my waist and hip measurements have only budged 1/2″, my bust measurement is the same.

The scars continue to fade and grow smaller. I continue to use the Bio Oil, though not as much as I should, and I feel like I’m seeing results. The lipo scars on my hips are really the only noticeable scars anymore. The ones on my lower abdomen, and the injection scars around my breasts are all but gone.

Honestly, every day I’m glad I had the procedure done. I picked out a sweater from the closet that I never liked wearing before – I didn’t like how it looked on me. I wore it the other day and received so many compliments! I feel so much better about my body, and I didn’t feel bad about it before.

I’ll update with a picture a little later, I just wanted to get this up.  I plan on getting together some pictures and putting my story on RealSelf.com as well as putting together a year recap post here in the next couple of months.

I also wanted to thank all of the ladies who have been leaving comments and reaching out to me through e-mail! I hope I’ve been able to help you in your decisions 🙂


Here’s a pic!

Results from 9 months after stem cell fat transfer breast augmentation

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  1. Grazey May 21, 2013 at 11:39 AM - Reply

    Your results look amazing!!
    I am thinking of undergoing the same surgery, I have my consultation in a few weeks, however I have been reading up on the surgery, and I’m not sure that I have enough fat on me?
    and also, if I put weight on for the surgery, will the results not just ‘go away’ once I resume my gym lifestyle?
    Thank you so much.

  2. Alice June 8, 2013 at 10:38 AM - Reply

    Hi Grazey, thanks for the comment! To answer your question, when you lose fat, you lose it from all parts of your body. With mine, I have noticed they do seem less ‘fuller” as I continue to lose weight. If you’re at your ideal weight and put on roughly 5-10lbs for the surgery you should still end up with great results (like I did).

  3. B December 6, 2014 at 11:14 AM - Reply

    Thanks for posting your story. I have implants that are 20 years old and one has a slow leak. I think my dog caused the leak by jumping up on me and hitting my breast. He is 75 pounds. I have to make the decision to redo the implants or not. I do not like the idea of liposuction, but I would do it so they could plump my breasts back up after the implants are taken out. I was an A before surgery 20 years ago and am now a D. It will be so weird to go down so much in size, but I really want the implants out as I am now in my early 50’s.

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