10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Beauty ProductsIf you’re like me, you’re always looking for new products to enhance your own physical beauty – plus beauty products are just plain fun. You may also realize how expensive of a habit this can truly be!

Here are 10 easy tips on saving money on beauty products:

1. Samples

Many stores, like Sephora, would LOVE to give you samples. In fact, you get three samples with every online order (see #4) at Sephora. This will obviously allow you to test a product and see if you like it before buying it – which saves money. (Unless you’re like me and fall in love with everything…)

2. Beauty Product Trade Party

I have a ton of half-used or unused beauty products cluttering up my bathroom. It feels wasteful to throw it away, so there it sits. You could get your girlfriends together to trade and swap these dust-collectors for something more useful or just to clear some cupboard space and not let it go to waste!

3. Cut Make-up Wipes/Tanning Wipes In Half

I use make-up removing wipes for time and convenience but they are so big if I use a whole sheet I’ll be wasting it. Instead, I cut them in half and put it back in the container. This takes a package of 25 wipes and turns it into 50! On days where I’m only wearing eye make-up I can even cut it into quarters. I’ve also heard people do this with their self-tanning wipes!

4. Buy Online

Often times the brand name products are sold in retail stores at MSRP. Shopping at sites like Amazon and beauty.com can sometimes get you a better deal. Coupons may also be easier to find for online stores, plus, you can read reviews to see whether or not a product is even worth your hard-earned money.

Bonus: You can sign up with rewards sites such as My Lucky Rewards (if you’re a Lucky magazine subscriber) or Upromise to get cash back on your online purchases. Pair that with a rewards credit card or bank card to further increase your savings!

5. Use Sparingly

Use a little as possible when applying lotion, using shampoo/conditioner. I’ve found with most lotions and face stuff less than a pea size amount is sufficient. Since my hair is thick I use about a dime to nickel amount for shampoo/conditioner. Being stingy with your products can make them last a lot longer.

6. Go Generic, Comparable, or Homemade

Stuff like make-up cleansing wipes, make-up sponges, cotton rounds, I always buy generic store brands. They’re usually a lot cheaper and work the same. Sometimes you can find comparable products – like Garnier BB cream instead of the Clinique. You’ll probably save $20 for a product that might be similar product.

There are also a lot of things you can make with stuff laying around your house. My favorite is an exfoliating scrub using regular granulated sugar and baby oil. You can even substitute coarser sea salt for more scrubbing power. See the bottom of the post for some of the things you can try.

7. Improvise & Make Products Do Double-Duty

Do you have a separate shampoo, body wash, shaving cream and face wash? Pick one and make it do the work of all three! Oftentimes I’ll use shampoo for a body wash and shaving cream, but I’ve also read about people using it to wash their face –  and even for other non-beauty related tasks such as a stain remover and laundry soap for hand washing items. Why not, it’s all just soap!

8. Coupons/Sales

The best places to find coupons could be in a Sunday paper or sites like Retailmenot, Red Plum and Sunday Saver. You can also find coupons in your fashion magazines like Lucky, Marie Claire, etc.

A lot of times stores like Target, Wal-mart and drugstores like CVS and Rite Aid have sales on specific brands. Sometimes you can get a percentage off or buy one get one deals!

9. Need vs. Want

Ah, the beauty of self-control. I’ve trained myself to ask a very simple question before I buy anything (and yes, I’ve had moments of weakness). Do I need this? If you don’t need it, can you afford to buy something you don’t need? You could be saving money by putting stuff back on the shelf (or closing the browser window) and waiting for something you need or want even more.

 10. Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is no brainer. I especially keep an eye out on sales when I’m buying in bulk. Some great items to buy in bulk are stuff you use everyday which could include shampoo/conditioner, hair styling products. Usually buying the bigger bottle will save you money – but always do the math yourself to make sure! Sometimes stores get sneaky and think that you think you’ll be getting the better deal buying in bulk, but in actuality it’s cheaper to buy smaller.

Great Ideas From Around the Interwebs

Vegetable Oil Nail Strengthener

2 tsp. castor oil
2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. wheat germ oil

Pour all ingredients into a sealable bottle.
Before each use shake well.
Rub a small amount of the mixture onto your nails.
Leave on for 3-5 minutes.
Wipe off with a cotton pad.

via thedailygreen

Homemade Ponytail Holders

You can use old tights, cut horizontally to create new ponytail holders.

via refinery29

Homemade Astringent

Witch hazel
Distilled water
Tea tree oil

Mix two parts witch hazel, one part distilled water and add a few drops of tea tree oil in a travel bottle. Apply with cotton ball/round.


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