I Don’t Shave for Sherlock Holmes

For those who watch the show, you'll know what I mean. I about died laughing at this scene, and now I've picked up this cheeky t-shirt!! Too bad it's only available on the UK BBC Shop website - maybe they think Americans will be offended by it or something. This will set you back £14.99 ($22.67 [...]

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10 Holiday Season Wardrobe Must-Have’s

I LOVE Christmas. And it's not just the shopping. Okay, I love the shopping a lot. I sometimes have a "one for you, one for me mentality" when doing my Christmas shopping, and with Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, it can be hard to resist. Here is my list of 10 must have's for this Christmas [...]

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At What Age Do You Become A Spinster?

This weekend my boyfriend and I officially announced our engagement! We'd been planning it for months while I was having a custom ring built (sweet man, I tell ya) and it was finally finished. The moment of truth had arrived. It was time to announce it to the world and validate our existence through FACEBOOK. [...]

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Video Recommendation of the Day: The Truth About Exercise with Michael Mosley

Since we don't have cable, most nights we find ourselves either not watching TV, or watching Amazon Prime and Netflix. Sometimes, though, we find interesting programs to watch on PBS. The other night we found ourselves watching this show: "The Truth About Exercise with Michael Mosley". I started watching towards the end part of the [...]

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Can Detox Drinks Help You Lose a Dress Size Quickly?

I found this image with a recipe for a detox drink on Pinterest. I'd been meaning to try it for awhile, but after spending a week staying with the boyfriends parents who insist on southern cooking (aka large portions) I especially felt the need to beat the bloat! I tipped the scales at nearly 10 [...]

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